Christmas Cheer? Buh Humbug says Kamloops Scrooge


Kamloops “rational thinker” and all around atheist Bill Ligertwood is mad.

So is the Atheist Dynasty Kamloops Centre for Rational Thought.

Not just mad at G-d, whom, of course, doesn’t exist.

Atheist Dynasty Bill is mad that the Kamloops Daily News would dare donate money to the Pregnancy Care Centre of Kamloops, who are, much to the horror of Atheist Dynasty Bill, “Proselytizing Christianity”.

He’s even set up an online petition.  He wants the Kamloops Daily News to not give a red (no pun intended) cent to anyone who would help women in their hour of need….especially the ones who would exercise their freedom of choice and seek assistence to an alleged “front” for pro-life.

Pro-abortion groups such as Joyce Arthur and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (who never met an abortion they didn’t like) have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Apparently, it would appear in the democracy known as Canada, you are not allowed to hold certain beliefs on issues such as abortion, or even religion in the public square…and if some group or company wants to help your “unpopular” activities, well…that has to be banned.

So much for freedom of choice.

In the meantime, we are hoping and praying (LOL) that dear old Atheist Dynasty Bill will have a heart.

Perhaps this Xmas, Atheist Dynasty Bill might sit by the fire with a good book.  May we be so bold as to suggest “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens?

There is this really neat part where the main character, some guy named Ebenezer Bill, er, sorry, Ebenezer Scrooge, has a visit from 3 spirits (who naturally do not exist given the state of “rational” thought).

Those spirits appeal to his humanity, to lay aside his previous views and embrace a humanity where every life has value.

That he allow humanity to help humanity….even if he disagrees with their “choices”.

Imagine a world where those atheists work together with those people of faith…helping young women with practical aid and support.

Rather than the Bah, Humbug! going on right now.

As Tiny Tim would say, God Bless Us.  Every One!

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  1. bertha, you have really missed the point here in kamloops….check out link

    the issue at hand is giving women ALL the info concerning the options of being pregnant. please read carefully the insert link on how these biased agencies ‘train their volunteer counsellors’. bill is only trying to bring this issue to light….if this agency was OPT BC, for which the kamloops daily news xmas cheer fund was bringing gifts to, then you would not have heard a peep from him or any of the concerned citizens of kamloops.

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